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Donnie Wahlberg - New Kids on the Block lyrics

[Verse 1:]
We know you've heard this beat many, many times
But we bet you've never heard it
With such a vicious rhyme
A rhyme with cla** and plenty of clout
To show you s**er M.C.'s what it's about

We hear the same stories everywhere we go
Hey, it's Nynuk who stole the show
So for all you party people
Who are in a state of shock
We're The New Kids On The Block!

[Verse 2:]
Chillin' on the corner
The first day we arrived
From the looks of the hoods
We didn't think we'd survive

Second day, we were there
We were walking down the street
With a rhyme in mind and a funky beat

But when we turned into the alley
To our surprise
We saw a bunch of hoods right
Before our eyes

They looked us up and down once
Twice and again
There must have been a hundred
To a hundred and ten

So, I looked over my shoulder
Right at my friend
He said, "Nice knowing you"
But this is the end

So we battened down the hatches
And prepared to fight
Then all of a sudden
I seen the light

The time was right
The time to rock
Cause everybody knows
We're The New Kids On The Block

[Verse 3:]
We're also devistating
When we're on stage
The fans start screaming and yelling with rage

With mic's in hand and rhymes with clout
So watch it s**er MCs
Or we're gonna turn you out

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We never talk trash
Our rhymes are clean
Our rhymes are never vague
And we say nothing obscene

So any s**er MCs who wanna battle us
Can you go at least 20 lines
Without a cuss?

Cause once we start to jam
You'll be in a state of shock
Clear the way party people
We're The New Kids On The Block

[Verse 4:]
Move it, s**er MCs or
You're gonna feel the wrath
So don't get caught up in the aftermath

Cause we're the funky MCs of the hip hop craze
Our rhymes are done by law
And are sure to amaze

With a DJ cutting records
Steady cross ba**
We'll leave all you party people stuck in a daze

I say we're fresh, new
And you know it's true
Now let me introduce you to the rest of the crew

J, he's fresh
He's the master of mix
There ain't no rhyme that he can't fix

Spinster's next
He's the king of the spin
And if you wanna battle
You ain't gonna win

Then there's Popeye
But we call him Joey
The kid's so fresh, you'll never be bored

Next is Jon
Whose word is true
But the party people know him as the runner GQ

I'm Dexter P
The wizard of word
I'm the greatest MC that you've ever heard

Now that you know we're a gang
And you know we don't play
We're The New Kids On The Block
And we're here to stay


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