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Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - SmthnthtIwnt lyrics

Something that I want, something that I want [x3]

I just totally want utopia to surround my conscious
So I can give a f** about the fabrics that I found in my closet
What's so bounded by sound is that her word never left me
While the departed all counting sheep, I am busy counting my blessing
Unc been on house arrest since his release
Just found him dead in his sleep, dead
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Wait, This open your soul and your soul intent it's total legit
I go throw a fit I owed unto him, he wrote from the pen
You called on weekends, I pour out to sip if I drank
I know the Lord give and Lord take
But he got me choosin' between church and the music, like Mase
Pray, that's what grandma said, I bow my head
You still alive, you are not dead, I'm your pallbearer
And that's the blood that I wrote this with

Something that I want, something that I want [x3]

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