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Donna Redmond Brownell - Christmastime Without you lyrics

I think of howling wind and cold
the snow upon my roof
I chill to think the temperature
will turn rain to ice as proof.

I watch as all the cars slow down
almost to a halt
I hope everyone is safe tonight
that the trucks have dropped their salt.

I watch the news and weather too
I hear their tales of gloom
I pray everyone is warm tonight,
as I am in my living room.

I smell the cookies baking
and sense the Christmas cheer
and everything is perfect,
except that you're not here.

I know you must be lonely
and a chill must sure be yours
I hope that your new friends are kind
and that you are in doors.
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And as you rise so early
and start your dreaded day
I hope you find a reason to
feel happy, bright and gay.

And as your day turns into night
and you grow tired and weary
remember that we're thinking of you
hoping your day's not dreary.

I look at our Christmas tree
covered with ornaments and lights
I wonder if you have a tree
Christmas just doesn't seem right.

I wrap the gift and presents
for you and everyone
they're pretty as can be
but it just isn't any fun.

So on Christmas day, as you are there
and we are here without you,
remember how we love you
and that we're thinking ‘bout you.

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