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Don Q - Look At Me Now lyrics

(Don Cannon) (intro)
(Verse 1)
Hit bird off in the drop now, shirt off like im Pac now, chubby n***a with the top down
I can spend the dub on the watch now, all i ever knew was drug dealing my role model was the plug n***a
Treat that money like a rug n***a, popping gold bottles in the tub n***a
Like i throw them racks in they face i count a stack everyday
I got a pack on the way, sitting in traffic today, screaming free my brother 38, they got em down for a murder case
When i get home till he 38 sending n***as to the pearly gates
I got a chip on my shoulder, i turn that b**h to a chauffeur
I put a brick in the roller moving my arms then i hit her with (?)

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(Verse 2)
My hood love me i'm a living legend, riding round with a Smith and Wesson, ask god one simple question
Can i wear my chains when i get to heaven? Quarter ounces we was all about it
Play with mine have your door surrounded there's d**h on the corner don't walk around it they'll come and k** you for a small allowance, now lets take a trip to my past i had to flip what i had
Had to go dig in the stash, triple my last, run it up fill up the bag, till its a million in cash
They tryna investigate us pop died i was devastated
n***as thought that we would never make it man you had your chance but you hesitated
I know you telling out (?) statement all this medication got me meditating, hit Miami when the weather breaking
Lee dan just had the Vegas
The hunnids and fifties be separated, the hunnids and fifties be segregated
I dirtied the cup and i never chase it, i ain't f** her i just let her take it, patrol cars try to pull me over i ain't even worried n***a let them chase me just know you gotta have 200 hundred on the dash n***a if you ever race me getting money yeah we really stunintg when we hit the club we spent fifty hunnids all the bottles got them b**hes f**ing yea we throw that cash cause its plenty coming

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