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Dominic - Ten Toes Down Challenge Pt. 4 lyrics

Feat : Milato

Yeahhhh yeahhhh
Ohh wowww
Aye yo Dominic
What's up bro?

Man it's got me feeling some type of way
And I'm feeling kinda strange
I got this feeling in my gut
That that's my baby

That's crazy
How she telling us she pregnant

Man nah
That's just what she said

And now she see that we moved on
So square one is where we back again

But look
I just don't know to go from here
Now my girl won't even call me back, no

Now my baby second guessing
Now that I told her my confession

But let's not stress too much
Don't let these little [?] and some sh**s get to us
But over time live a perfect life
With our girl smile yeah picture that

But I can't see past where she got us at
She did what she did, can't take it back
And if I'm the father, Imma handle that
Why [?]

Well I guess that's true but doctor's calling
Should I pick it up now ?

I guess so

I know I'm not the father and if you white you got to stick around

I'm a man of my word, imma hold it down

Let me answer now, what's up doc?
Man I guess that's cool and what not
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Now man you will not believe this stuff
He said neither one of us was the father

So why should we be bothered when she will no longer will be a problem?

I know, I guess we lit now, see we ain't got to trip now

Hold up what the hell so who is she messing with now?

Me n***a, I got a confession.
Yall n***as be wilding, I'm the one that should be stressing
With a baby on the way
Me and Selina man we going through some things
It's really complicated bro, I'm tryna stay committed

Aye brah you hearing this kid?

Don't think I'm hearing it right

So she been creeping on the low

No we been smashing your wife

She ain't my wife but she could have been

You lying

Boy she would have been

You should have wrapped it up

Is it bad we laved it up?

She hitting me up

Is it true? you messing with Zom too?

Hold up, man it's kinda rude
See you been messing with the crew

I didn't know what else to do
Man I cared for you
I was there for you
But you played me like a fool
cuz I'm the baby daddy

Aye he the daddy
He the papi

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