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DNCE - Body Moves (Sub Español) lyrics

Side to side
Walking home. Stumbling home
Getting curious
On your mind. Change of minds
Dirty mind. Not so serious

Coming for you baby, friend
How 'bout that body moves? Me and you
Body moves

Coming home with me. Oh, baby
Let it loose. Me and you
Body moves

I don't need it but you know how bad I want it
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And your touch has got me haunted but I like it
Coming for you baby, friend.
How 'bout that body moves? Me an you
Body moves
Got all night.
Show me more. A little more
It's getting dangerous
Yeah. All my life. Yeah
Waiting for, to make sure
You feel dangerous
The stars above will light the way
Just take my hand and hear the words I say
And when the morning comes, well I will stay

Gotta know
Gotta know
That I’m feelin' this

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