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Dj Shaw T - Wild Horse (Poésie) lyrics

It wakes up.
Night air burns it's lungs.
In and out. Exhale.
Just exhale.
Stop holding it in.
It becomes he.

Memories of happiness dance on the walls.
Beautifully. Silent.
Dutifully. Violent.
Up and down. Exhale.
Stop holding it in.
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He becomes me.

I try and forget these dreams.
Lingering longer in my half awaken half being.
The faucet dripping teaches me I'm alive.
Keep the refrigerator full in cause you stop by.
Sleep with the ringer turned up high.
In case you reply

And how I missed you Wild Horse
Helping me get through the day
Will I see you when I retreat into my dreams Wild Horse?
Cause in my lucid state I know you'll stay

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