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DJ Set It Off - LR9 State Of Mind lyrics

Straight out the backwoods of the Kuntry
Where we get nourishment from muddy waters
Real men raise sons, and true women raise daughters

[Verse 1]
Started as a youngster, k**ing all these busters
Grew into a monster, mentality of a hustler
Rappers get fatalities run up on me the wrong way
Giants losing calories from whatever they tongue say
Send you on a one way, trip and my trigger overspray
Swing like Sammy Sosa, jump it's gone be your last day
Catch a murder case and the jury gone have me locked up
Studying dermatology, busting heads when they pop up
Put it to your face, my foundation won't ever run
Wrestle with the world, like my name was Bad Billy Gunn
They don't wanna see me be successful
They'd rather see me settle for being a southern rebel
I'm steaming like a kettle, society's got its eyes on me
Criticize freedom of speech, selling lies for free
I despise hypocrites, like greeting d**h with a kiss
And my frostbit wrist, keep my enemies pissed, holler

L-R-9 State of mind
L-R-9 State of mind
L-R-9 State of mind
If you don't come get with it then you might get left behind
L-R-9 State of mind
L-R-9 State of mind
L-R-9 State of mind
If you don't come get with it then you might get left behind

[Verse 2]
I keep a hot 16, for rappers bumping their lips
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And if they wanna trip I keep an extra clip on my hip
I'd never wanna be the one to send you home in a box
I'd rather be the one that spit them flows harder than Pac's
Giving you ludicrous lines, that sh** that tingle your spine
I'm disturbing the peace, releasing the beast in my mind
So outta control, better call the local PD
It's a lyrical homicide, to the second degree
That's for anybody who want it, welcome to the reception
I'm a cold hearted artist, I don't make no exceptions
Put my heart in my lyrics, now it's a frozen reflection
Been a havoc in the game, every since my conception
I don't need no protection, when I'm walking the streets
Cause I'll be teaching a lesson, when my silencer speaks
And I got a confession, if I catch you while you're solo
Better watch how you're talking before you get put in slow mo


[Verse 3]
You can trust in me, cause Alldamatically I'm bringing havoc
The average rapper don't compare to me, I'm something tragic
Living lavishly, but bringing game harder than Magic
In the paint I'll do you badly, watch me make it nasty
Still keeping it cla**y, cause I'm that type of brother
Holding it down for my baby girl, and my baby mother
Someone other, there could never ever be, tougher than leather
Send a message through a simile, harder than trigonometry
Making money constantly, play with it like monopoly
Flowing just like a river, even with a dam ain't no stopping me
Go with me toe to toe, I don't give a damn ain't no dropping me
Watch me heat up the spot, even if I flop ain't no topping me, huh
But let me slow it down, listen to the sounds of the beat
This a preview of the best, keep your ears to the streets
If them haters on the streets, then their heart I'm a crush
Hope the judge understands, cause in God I trust


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