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DJ Sawbuck - Freewave Freestyle 5 lyrics

Aye Sawbuck tell em' whatchya on
sh** I'm boolin mane
Haha, lemme hit that dope though
Aye, Freewave, Freewave, Freewave
Aye, Aye, Aye
Aye, Aye
10 hunnid, Sawbuck, Freewave
Gangsta Grillz Jr

[Verse 1]
Cut and sew Supreme baby this is not no Polo
Underdog shawty, dodging balls from them dojos
Posted by the store, I'll be the door, by my high school whore
She know that I'm gone, it's a rope, she gon' clear my soul
Or attitude, and ain't no healing mine
Judge them off first impressions, His j**elry sad as mine
It's one of them and one of them
She it's more than water duh
So she just gon' cater to me whenever I need it
I read it, like oh so clear
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Under your words is brail [?]
But I'm trying to peep it
But your voice led too deceiving
The laughing
Leave stains on my hoodie, laugh it out
That's the high fashion
Busting down a zip like it's the first pick of the draft man
Pumping out my grandma's house like f** trap it's a gas can
Bumping on his block, we stole the stash up out his trashcan


And I'm like "aye, aye, aye"
Riding in that Chevy
I'm like "aye, aye"
Sawbuck, he swerving
I'm like "aye, aye"
Aye Sawbuck tell these n***as man, they ain't f**ing with us man
Y'all ain't f**ing with us man, we been doing this sh**, f** you talking about?
Yo lil goof a** boy
Gangsta Grillz ya bastard!

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