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Dj Paul - King Of Kings lyrics

[DJ Paul talking]
It is I my son, the king of the muthaf**in M
Awakened by all you hatin a** hoes, ya b**h you
And it's going muthaf**in down
For all you muthaf**in wannabe Hypnotize Camp Posse azz n***as
Who we got in this muthaf**a, n***a count em out

[Crunchy Blac]
Crunchy Blac up in this b**h, my n***a Juice

[Lord Infamous]
Lord Soze

[DJ Paul]:
Louder n***a let em know!

[La Chat]:
I'm pull the trigga n***a b**h, it's [La Chat] ho

[Frayser Boy]
Yeah you got Frayser Boy in this muthaf**a
Bout to ride on one of you b**h-made n***as

[DJ Paul]
And ya boy DJ muthaf**in Paul
Like thiiiiiiiis

[Verse 1: Lord Infamous]
n***a get all ya boys, tell em bring all they guns
And being ya'll some hoes I get the heater when you come
When I dump to hit your pressure point with .44 slugs
On this medicine, a felon is committed by this thug
Head bust, they took ya in mood, huh
Pistol whip you for a hour, leave ya skull f**ed up
Pop some double bucks To ya nuts
Cough em up
Slut Chop the meat up
Then I call em triple six guts

[Verse 2: La Chat]
Who run, I know you know
Quit playin, you hatin' ho
La Chat, can't take no mo
We brangin it to the dome
I got the tec-9, four-five, can't forget the AK
Finna take you to the streets, blow you b**hes clean away
Mayne I'm sick and tired of you talking
I'm open with my dog and
Is it true that I will be stalkin
And punkin b**hes walkin
Hope you n***as paying attention to everything I mention
sh** I'm full up on that tension
I'm goin on a mission

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
Now sippin on some gin and some mo (some mo)
Watchin n***as in the room snortin blow (snortin blow)
They got weed, and it's already rolled (ready rolled)
Quit baby sittin' that dope
Now I'm so f**in buzzed bout to faint (bout to faint)
Sittin back watch R Kelly tapes (Kelly's tapes)
E'rtime you see a playa I be high (I be high)
So come and get a lil piece of a n***a pie

[Verse 4: Frayser Boy]
I'm a schizophrenic
Don't you panic
You can't handle it
So god dammit
You can't stand it
Leave you stranded
Push over n***a, you been banded
I been blazin
You are facin
f**in k**ers in yo place and
Heart is pacin
Ya'll be racin
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Bout to catch another case and
k**er n***a
Driller n***a
k** a n***a
Feel me n***a
I don't give a f** bout what you sayin, I'm the illest n***a
Pistol mother
Drama lover
Pop a s**a
Like no other
I'm a lethal weapon like a Danny Glover

[Verse 5: Crunchy Black]
n***a lemme tell you my specialty
My specialty is getting you n***a
Lock and load wit that gun pullin the trigga
How the f** you figure
That a n***a ain't robbin you n***as
When I'm out her n***a trying to get like Jigga
Dippa yo body up when I k** you n***a
Shouldn't have talked that sh** cuz I'm pullin triggas
How the f** ya'll n***as wanna go to war
When ya'll ain't bad enough for us boys

[Verse 6: DJ Paul]
See I'm the king of kings, Scarecrow's the lord of lords
And f**in up in my kingdom is something you can't afford
Tryin to compete with Hypnotize man I wouldn't even try that
My lil keys cost seventy g's n***a can you buy that
You wonderin why I had the for sale sign in the yard
n***a I sold my crib, my new house cost one million
And this some king sh**, MTV crib sh**
Your mouth done dropped
You startin to drool u need a bib b**h
Before you diss me n***a turn your pockets inside out
Or clean your shoes and your pants
Break some starch right out
Cuz I'm the K-O-M, you wishin you wuz down with this click
But you chose otherwise so you a clown to this click
And in the streets n***a
You get nothing but frowns from this click
And we done covered all sides of this country lil b**h
So if you ever get a chance to get inside the Source yeah right
You'll be like my n***a Nas and all you'll have is one mic (all I need is one mic)

[DJ Paul talking]
Yeah this for all you muthaf**in hoes
If you ever wanna know the muthaf**in truth
It's in yo face, b**h
Trying to use our muthaf**in name to come up
You ain't muthaf**in Hypnotize Minds you b**h, you n***a
And don't be trying to memorize the faces on the muthaf**in videos
Cuz them ain't the n***as that's gone come to your muthaf**in den n***a
Where my muthaf**in k**as at n***a
Yeah n***a, where they at!

[Crunchy Blac]
Yeah Crunchy Blac up in this b**h
For all you n***as that said I can't rap
n***a I don't rap anyways, n***a I rob

[DJ Paul]
Yeah b**h a** n***a
b**h-made hoes

[La Chat]
Hypnotize Camp
Dick ridin b**hes
And n***a f** ya'll b**hes

[DJ Paul]
And for all you hoes we'll stomp you muthaf**as short n***a
Couldn't handle the heat get the f** up out the kitchen type n***as
sh** get thicker for a weak n***a ho

{*talking and yelling till end*}

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