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Dj Paul - Flaugin Ass n***as/b**hes lyrics

(DJ Paul)
It is I my son
The king of the motherf**in' "M" awakened
By all you hatin a** hoes you b**h you
And its going motherf**in' down
For all you motherf**in wannabe Hypnotize Camp Posse a** n***as
Who we got in this motherf**er count out

(Crunchy Blake)
Crunchy Blake up in this b**h

(Lord Infamous)
Lord soldier

(La Chat)
A real treal b**h

(Frazer Boy)
You got frazy boy in this motherf**er
Like to ride on you b**h made n***as

(Lord Infamous)
n***a get all yo boys, Tell them to bring all there guns
And being y'all some hoes, I got to eat'um when we come
When I don't tuck it, Yo pressure point with 44 slugs
On this *** I'm feelin this commented by this thug
Head bust put yea, In mudda huh
It's the rip yea for a hour, Leave yea skull f**ed up
Plus I'll double bust, to yo nuts, cough'em up SLUT
Drop the needle and then I'm callin Triple Six up

(La Chat)
Who run it, I know you know, Quite playin you hatin ho
La Chat can't take no mo, We brangin it to the door
I got the tech 9, 45 can't forget the A.K
Fin to take you to the streets, No you b**hes clean away
Man I'm sick'in tired of you talking I'm up and on my donkin
Is it you that I would be stalking, I'm walkin, b**hes walkin
Hope you n***as payin attention to everything I mention
sh** I'm up and full of dat sh** and I'm going on a mission

(Juicy J)
Now sippin on some gin and some mo, and some mo
Watchin n***as in the room snotin blow, snotin blow
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They got weed, and its already rolled, ready rolled
Quit baby sitting that doe, that doe
Now I'm so f**in buzzed I'm bout to faint, bout to faint
Sittin back watchin R. Kelly tapes, Kelly tapes
Now everytime you see a player we be high, we be high
So come and get a piece of n***a pie, n***a pie

(Frazer Boy)
I be sycophantic, don't you panic, you can't handle it
So god damn it, you can't stand it, leave you stranded
Push up n***a you been bradin, I been pacin you are facin
f**in k**er in your placin, heart is racin, y'all be racin
Both to catch another casin, k** and n***a, drill a n***a
Fell me n***a, I don't give a f** about what you said I'm the illest n***a
Pistol bucker, drama lovin, poppa s**a, motherf**er, like no other
I'm a lethal weapon, like I'm Danny Glover

(Crunchy Blake)
n***a let me tell you my specialty, my specialty
Its getting you n***as, lock and load with the gun and pullin the trigger
How the f** you figure, that a n***a ain't robbin you n***a
When I'm out here, tryin to get life dicka dicka
Yo body up when I k** ya n***a
Shouldn't talked that sh** cause I pull the trigger
How the f** y'all n***as
Wanna go to war when y'all ain't bad enough for us boy

(DJ Paul)
See I'm the kings of kings, scare crows the lord of us
And f**in up in my kindom is something you can't afford
Tryin to compete with hypnotize man, I wouldn't even try that
My low keys cost 70 G's n***a can you buy that
You wonder why I had the for sale sign in the yard, b**h I sold my crib
My new house cost 1 million, and this some king sh**, mtv crib sh**
Yo mouth done dropped, you start to drool you need a bib b**h
Before you dis me n***a turn yo pockets inside out, clean yo shoes and you
Pants bring the starch right out
Cause I'm the K.O.M., you wishin you was down with this click
But you choose other wise so you a clown to this click
In the streets n***a you get nothing but frowns from this click
And we done covered all sides of this country you b**h
So if you ever get a chance to get your source out right
You'll be like me n***a Nas all you'll have is one mic

(all together speaking)

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