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Dj Paul - Portrait of a Serial k**a lyrics

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
Picture this; my mind is in a standstill
I'm dreamin' of bodies and evil thoughts because I wanna k**
Voices are speakin', they sayin' things that I never heard
But I'm understandin' and makin' sense of these foreign words
... persons gotta die
When I awake in my sleep another innocent body cry
In night-time I dream evil thoughts of mutilated faces
Cut up body parts locked in suitcases
And then a dream becomes real I don't understand
I awake in my sleep and findin' blood on my shakin' hands
I walk around as nervous as a dope fiend
And everytime I see faces they were in my dreams
I thought I k**ed 'em before, but now I do it again
Cuttin' they heads off the body and ...
With every (?) from a victim I'm growing stronger
When d**h finally come I hear the demons all over
But then my mind is confused I see a (?)
The evil spirit's reborn and tellin' me what to do
So I begin the attack with my knife and the mac
I see the fear in her eyes and then my body react
The doctors covers me, I'm put to rest
And I waitin', starin' down in my dark bloody chest
And first it was a dream but now I can feel ...
In the portrait of a serial k**a

[Verse 2: Lord Infamous]
Sittin' in a dark room sharpening the blades of my razors
As I sit in my rocking chair watchin' the sands of the hourgla**
The night ist almost gone, I cut my arm
And let the crimson trickle down my tongue
The rhymes of Lucifer, my visor low
Time to make some more [?], but of course it's game time
Anticipating d**h is like to me human life
[Lyrics from: https:/**a/portrait-of-a-serial-k**a.html]
Take the head out the freezer then I let the blood
Soak all with the with my tongue to the jar
Cause I love my meat raw
I love the feel to k** and peel the skin off your face
And watch the blood spill on the mental illa k**a
Who loves to feel when I take ya will to live
You give your soul
And then you burn deep, deep, deep below
9 times hotter than the fire on Earth
Your skin will melt and your eyes will burst
This is the curse of Lord Infamous

[Movie Dialogue Sample??]

[Verse 3: DJ Paul]
I tried to recall the events of the night before
I stand in a hall of bloody tracks on the floor
Voices keep haunting me tellin' me to do evil things
And when I fall asleep, a machete swings
The streets are baffle when a blade makes contact
The demons are quiet now but in night-time they come back

I feel like one day I might go and k** my family
Cause I can't control the other person inside of me
I stare in the mirror and look deep in my features
(?) transform me from a man to a creature

It began in dream but now I can feel
In the portrait of a serial k**a

[Halloween Dialogue Sample]


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