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Dj Paul - Crazy Ass n***a lyrics

[Verse: Lord Infamous]
Don't make a sound, keep very quiet, just listen
He's out there, just listen
As I tell the story of a twisted psycho
(?) but they call me Scarecrow
A serial k**er institution in Memphis, Tennessee
Known for the ways he mutilated the bodies
In the psychiatric ward he was comatosed very deeply
A few months later I woke and broke out the facility
They never had a clue where he fleed, but it's believed
He escaped somewhere deep in the county
Some says he stalks the cornfields
Waitin' for farmes and lost kids
Cause he feeds off kids, yeah he's a true motherf**in' loc
The son of the devil, the goddamn coat under black moon
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Cuttin' motherf**ers up from sickles to garden tools
Those fools who dare enter the crop was doomed
Those who got into the tale of the prop will be chopped
Chopped and chopped into little motherf**in' parts
Some teenage fool walked around in the cornfield
And later be found soaked in blood with they skins peeled
Little kids goin' and playin' get lost
6 days rotten with they heads popped off
Sometimes you look deep in the field at the woodpost
Hangin' up bodies - you may glimpse the Scarecrow

[Outro: samples]
Crazy a** n***a

The Lord Infamous (?) insanity

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