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Dj Paul - Sweet Robbery lyrics

[Intro: DJ Paul, Crunchy Black & Koopsta Knicca phone call]
-Triple 6 Mafia?
What's up Crunchy?
Get Koop on tha phone
-Koop pick up tha other phone dawg
~sh** yezzir?
It's on tonight!

But now my n***as talking about robbing
Jump into the Chevy, hit the dashboard, get the mask

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]
Chillin' on a porch, firin' a torch to the light green
Weed then proceed to my mission as I plot a scheme
Meanwhile the sun set, trees blowing spookiness
Twist the doorknob to my crib, inside was the mask and Tech
Creepin' through the dark of my job takin' yams
Expose ya on yo whealthiness
Heavy Limos I'm shuttin' 'em down
Enterin' the green Chevy, poppin' openin' the dash
Fast reaching for the mask *uh* damn was a blast
First I scoop (?) or two
Keys for the sellin' is what he got for me
To come over and stang
Hidin' on a side on a tree, even though them b**hes sleep
I can (?) creep and sneak to the window, take a peep
Knowin' I'm nervous plus I'm anxious
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I just kicked a (?)
Bullets was scattered if I don't get (?)
So n***a don't make me turn mean
Pick up the baby that's smelling like sh**
Throw his lil a** in the washing machine BITCH

But now my n***as talking about robbing
Jump into the Chevy, hit the dashboard, get the mask

[Verse 2: DJ Paul]
I get commands in my head from my (?) (k**a Man!)
Forcin' me to rush tha bullets in the (?) of da
Little bitty baby (Prove to me you're crazy!)
So I shot from my Glock, bloody spots don't faze me
So slick, 666 sh** got me dreaming
I've seen some fire, I'm thinkin' "hell I hear lil kids screaming"
One angel called up and said "You're not alone"
But one demon came along and said (Shoot that tone!)
But yo the devil got the advantage cause I'm full of da weed
He said stang on them b**hes like a bumblebee
I shot holes in the (?) everybody grabbed they ears
But yo I (?) .... a silencer
The n***a with the dope fell dead on his feet
... like I thought, 2 or 3 keys
Murder, help me come clean, the angel was warnin' me
The devil controlled me to a sweet robbery

[Noises of a robbery scenery]

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