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DJ Luke Nasty - In my Mode lyrics

I think I'ma call this
Well.. mean.. fuck it
It's called In My Mode
So shit, I'ma get in my mode
Highway Music

Verse 1..
I just left a bad yellow bitch in a condo
Uhh, no games
Got straight to the point like Rondo
She go both ways
Said I make her weep, weep
Uh it's only been 4 days
Now she attached
But I won't text back
Cause I'm on my grind
And I need my space
Ooo, I'm in the zone
I'm in the mode
Shorty all in my phone
She tryna get involved
She trippin like she finna fall
I'm the man, why you niggas in the zone
Uh, I'm on patron
Wooh, I'm leaning
Smoke good
Got gas like Cletus
Uh, reporting live from the sky
Cloud 9 to be exact nigga
See it's only 1 Luke
But I'm smelling like a pack nigga
Oh it's on now
Yeah, it's on now
Too many clones out
I'ma take my own route
I'ma have you looking mad now
Like ya mama in church
And she telling you to put the phone down
Nigga we good

Yeah nigga we good
And I ain't never had to split em
But I wish a nigga would

Verse 2..
I had a vision
That one of them vixens being my mrs
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I has a dream that I fucked Irene to the dream album
She had to call her???
I got issues
I got problems
Hold up, let me fill my cup
7 shots and I'm still not drunk
Still not none
Wait, let me talk my shit
They love when I talk like this
They love when I'm slick like rick
I'm a legend like Will
Nah, I'm a mother fuckin prince
Nah, I'm a king
You a mother fuckin myth
And I ain't stopping until I pull up in a 6
And this bottle popping when we pull up in the vip
All a young nigga do is hustle like Nip
Aye, busting down a grape dutch
I wake n bake every time I wake up
My women don't need make up
Tell Debbie to get her cake up
I'm, I'm faded like a taper
Aye, and when it comes down to that money nigga
I want a lot more like Jacob
Kush is my cologne
She love the aroma
She be with me when she don't pick the phone up
Hoes be lying
Timon, Puma
Tryna work it out, work it out like zumba
Told her spread her legs
She spread them out like rumors
Jumped on this dick
And started jumping to conclusions
I had to remind her
I'm single like a loosie
I'm a dog like Gucci
Snoopy, Scooby, Goofy, Aye
Aye, I'm bout whatever for that loose leaf
And I'm working like I'm tryna get a 2 pea
For that, for that Audi with the 2 seats
And a bad bitch who ain't floating around group me
That word friends
Y'all use that too loosely
But that ain't none of my business
While I sip tea
Nah, I'll probably light a blunt and sip lean
Highway Music nigga

Fuck with me man
I'm in my mother fuckin mode nigga

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