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DJ Luke Nasty - Him & Her lyrics


Chorus.. (x4)
We like Jody and Yvette
Argue and have make up sex
Verse 1...
Blunt rolled, Netflix
It's that type of night
And I got problems in my life
And I got papers I need to write
And I got text I need to reply to
My main girl I done lied to
I ain't ready to commit
I know I ain't shit
Told one of my old hoes slide through
See I'm addicted to new pussy
Trying to keep up with my niggas
Maybe I should just settle down
And try something different
But looking back at my past
Make it hard to trust these bitches
And all throw is dick
So why these hoes catching feelings, yeah
Maybe it's them late night talks
Or them good morning text
That got these hoes feeling like it's more than just sex
Thelia told me that she tired of the stress
She better than the rest
And she hope she next
And then she say

Bridge (Jody & Yvette)
Yvette: Now kiss my ass niggas
You better walk away
I hate you
You stupid
Jody: Oh you hate me?
Keep on saying that shit girl
Yvette: Yes that right
I hate yo ass

Chorus.. (x4)
We like Jody and Yvette
Argue and have make up sex

Verse 2..
She like...
"why you got a lock on yo phone?"
"what you tryna hide nigga?"
"I see that bitch all in your calls"
"You ain't got to lie nigga"
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"I ain't trippin, Tierra been told me that you fuckin other bitches"
I just ain't want to listen"
" So you mad I'm textin other niggas"
"We don't go together right?"
Now I'm sitting with the I don't eat ass face
Breaking down the dutch all in the ash tray
Put our problems in the weed
We done has a few drinks
So we need to fuck like it's the last day
And that's my pussy
And this your dick
And when you text that nigga
Tell him that's my shit..

Chorus.. (x4)
We like Jody and Yvette
Argue and have make up sex

Verse 3 (Kheeez)...
Every other night we argue and fight
Claim I got hoes
But that's all in your mind
Who I'ma call when you stay on my line
I ain't got time
I throw you this dick
Then I'm back to my grind
But back of my mind
She love me
But don't trust me
I don't trust me either
And I'm tired of her bitching
Like she want me to leave her
She tired of my bullshit
Like nigga you full of it
All these broken promises
Like fuck it
I'm through with you
What I'm posed to do when I'm young and in love
I want to make it work
And I want to settle down
But I'm busy chasing skirts
But I can't help it
Cause I'm just helpless
Young and living reckless
Worried bout the next bitch
If I keep it real and tell you the truth
I hope you except it, yeah

Chorus.. (x4)
We like Jody and Yvette
Argue and have make up sex

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