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DJ Luke Nasty - Might Be (Remix) lyrics

Cash.. (Hook)
I got a feeling that you might be (high)
Well if you ain't got no plans
Girl you know we got dem grams
So just tell me if you wanna get (high)
Girl I know yu got a man
But fo show ain't got no dope dick
Love it when we fuck and yu get (high)
Girl I know shy
But got thunder in yo thighs
Watch me stroke n poke it while you getting (high)
Get high baby x2 (Verse) [Phili] Well she gone smoke it
While I choke n beat n stroke it
She wanna spend the night
But only if I'm up early in it
Like its folgers
This that grain
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That make it really hard to focus
You got that locus
That flower tucci bomb
It's like a lotus
Gone n roll it up
This that slime time live
Like Nickelodeon
You gone fell all in yo guts
This shits Imodium
Yu shy But yet quickly cum' to this podium
Got a nigga feeling like I'm the holy one
I'm Obi Wan
You know I got that life sabers
With more bounce than an ounce
That's fo sure to wake the neighbors
But Ion care if these niggas all hating
This hiatus
Girl come get this L
Like the Lakers

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