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DJ Luke Nasty - Might Be (Remix) ft. 2 Chainz, Maino lyrics

I got a feeling that you might be (high)
Do I turn you on?
You can tell me if I'm wrong
Girl, I think you might be (high)
And she don't even smoke
But she swear I got that dope dick
Love it when I fuck her and I'm (high)
High sex is the best sex
Whenever she stressed
She just want to get (high)
Well get high baby
Get high baby

[DJ Luke Nasty]
Is you rolling?
I might be
You the shit, you the sugar, honey, ice, tea
What I got to hint for?
You know I'm a nympho
On my Marshawn Lynch
You know what I'm here for (aye)
Riding through the city and get (high)
Take you to the crib and have one hell of a night
It's ironic cause we on cloud (high)
Girl make up your mind
Is you mine or you mine? (aye)
Henny what I'm drinking
She got Remy in her cup
She break down the weed
I break down the dutch
Body like J'lo after (high)
She had enough
She caught contact
Now she tryna fuck


I asked her if she comin' home
She said she might be
She could, kick off her Louv's
Like they, Huarcahe Nike
Ask me if I might be (high)
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I'm just enjoying life you are
My wife tonight
So excuse me if I might seem (high)
I'm just, calling you beauty
Can I, rub on your booty
She said long as you throw dollars up (high)
Boy you know I'm working
So just let me finish twerking
Cause lately I've got bills so (high)
I just, wanted to talk
Have you, been to New York?
Cause, girl you so fly that you (high)
I've been waiting just to touch you
Cause tonight I think I love you


[2 Chainz]
Negativity at an all time (high)
They want no small fry this ain't no big mac

She like it when i put her legs (high)
That is my lifestyle
She wanted pipe down I told her to pipe down
I count a milli while im getting (high)
I don't need no vixen I just need a girl to raise the kids
And do the fucking dishes
I'm the one that's known to get it (high)
Better known as Tity Boi
Maybe do this summer cuz you skeeting when the winter come
Cucci warm text your phone (high)
What you doing baby
Feeling so escubarated juvenile rejuvenated
Drop it down and bring it back (high)
Rough sex is the best sex
Lay you down flat, kiss your neck
Make you kiss my tatts (high)
Make you go to sleep
Its so hot we need the windows cracked
When you next to me I make you feel like you (high)
Still intact and this might be a threesome if
You interact yeah


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