DJ Kay Slay - About That Life lyrics

About That Life lyrics


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[Intro: DJ Kay Slay] Ay yo, it's DJ Kay Slay, the drama king So this is what it comes down to, huh? Y'all n***as think y'all 'bout that life? Well it's time to show and prove Fab, set it off! [Verse 1: Fabolous] Look, I terminate a b**h, like her name was Sarah Connor Where I'm from, we never meet daddies; swear on mommas. I'm high fashion, so my Gucci reeks of marijuana My shoes are k**ing them! I call these a pair of homi-cides Put me in the pa**enger and I'm a ride, cause my mind is full of ma**acres k**er verses, I lay 'em down and fill up hearses. You can't be the best without knowing who the worst is Me and Kay a lot alike, we don't fake nothing Thick b**hes in my sheets, I be straight stunting You got the wrong keys, I ain't who to start with Rise of the apes, now who you monkeys getting smart with? [Hook: T-Pain] I'm bout that money, I'm bout that fetty I'm down to get it by any means necessary I'm bout that drama, I'm bout that stripe Now f** with me and with my team And you gonn see b**h I'm bout that life, Tryina get what I can get before these people give me credit I'm alive, not tell them hatin a** n***as That hatin on a n***a Quit your hatin, cause b**h I'm bout that life! [Verse 2: Rick Ross] In love with the money, infatuated with coupes Imaculate living, money stack up to my roof The baddest of womenm, purse matchin the boots That's the half you don't wanna see what's in that f**in bag Pull it like a flip camp, first you aim it, then you fire Big hat smoke a n***a, I can get no higher Heroine in every bag she carry on You n***as ain't getting money, f** it, then carry on The biggest and the richest, f**ing self made Ricky rose and my n***a kay slay Pound of purple green, 2 leader a piece price I could flip a brick before a chick can blink twice! [Hook: T-Pain] [Verse 3: Nelly] You know what? You don't like me, I don't give a f** Respect is like some money to me, I don't get enough! Like I ain't put on the hardest city in America St. Louis, and we ain't scared of ya King of the drama, see him rollin' with the drama king Yo Kay Slay, you want lil' momma from your magazine? You know the one that's got a body like a cartoon Ass like a whale 'til lil' durrty gotta harpoon Woo! This stacking racks on racks Go check my hallways mother f**er, plaques on plaques These n***as lying a lot, I'm speaking facts on facts My hotel room's infested durrty, rats on rats [Hook: T-Pain] [Verse 4: French Montana] Looking at a dollar bill, saw the White House Then I flipped a couple bills, bought a white house Triple beam on a triple stack, triple back Going back court like I dribbled back, simple fact When that drop roller and that top fold up b**hes going both ways like they're bipolar Pop the ace Black Jack, ski mask, black mac Hit the back of your head, turn your fitted to a snapback. Best of the greatest, bought the p**y and paid for maintenance Waste of money, wack head, the b**h brainless Word to Kay Slay, you n***as straight stuntin' I be spending seven digits like it ain't nothin' [Hook: T-Pain]

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