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DJ Kay Slay - My Brother Keeper lyrics

[Intro: Hussein Fatal]
Hussein, Jersey block, braaaa

[Verse 1: Hussein Fatal]
Yeah, I pop a top down, blaze a snapback
You look hungry, n***a, betta reed yo crack bag
The belly of the beast is empty, we starvin'
n***as got they history messy, P. Marvin
Sneak thru they dreams, 'stead of rackin' up chase news
k**az out there tryna be fearce, so I'm replacin' 'em
Had to write the serial number, I'm defacin' 'em
n***as lost they Grammy award, they third basin' 'em
What's left venom, I'mma beat it out 'em
I broke my first bamboo and rode the reed upon the Beat it album
Ever since, dim we ride, n***a,
You pro'ly thuggin' in a small a** town, probably high, n***a
The kids lost, ain't leadin' 'em right
These so called OGs ain't feedin' 'em right
A'ight? Trap to cop the n***as down like a G top 'em
Bloodshots, feather that a** just like a peacock
Hot, flame on legend, Jersey block
Russian roulette with my name on seven,
The ugly caterpillar right before the butterfly,
45 rockin' to sleep, singin' my lullaby

[Hook: Hussein Fatal]
Everybody lookin' fo' change, but ain't changin'
Yung n***as lookin' fo' gangs, but ain't bangin'
Soft n***as lookin' fo' cops, but they tellin'
Sittin' down, ready to snitch, I mean yellin'

[Verse 2: Young Noble]
Too hard fo' the radio, they don't play this
This the kind of hip-hop, these n***as don't make this
Forgot about the struggle, and n***as in the cages
Finna take it back to Adidas with no laces
We just spittin' out rhymes, or spittin' out razors
n***as still mad, I can see it in they faces
Shine without diamonds, outlaw's anics
Black Rolls cruise from the crack to the projects
Dope so good, make your baby mama nose bleed
They appreciate this sh** more overseas
Uncut, untampered with, remember? AZ told you n***as life's a b**h
Remember? Tuck D. told you b**hes, pump yo fence
All my G rapsters still on this road to the wretched hip-hop
In it's truest form, sway Puma's on
Who stay right there with the (???)
The noble outlaw, Makaveli trend, and I'm from a choose crew
Like Big Daddy Kane. Courtesy of Slay, this is strictly for the streets
Ain't no peace till my n***as get a piece. Come on!

[Bridge: Young Noble]
Ride wid us, or collide wid us, it's as simple as that fo' me and my n***as
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We train war stories, outlaw< on the ride, jealous n***as I despise
Look at my eyes, come on!

[Verse 3: Onyx]
(Fredro Starr)
Let's get is unplugged, one slug is one thug
That gun love, run d** with yung thugs
When the d** come, slug son, the rocks come
With the snob done, till I saw the plug one

(Sticky Fingaz)
Listen, dum dum, know what hood I come from?!
I come with a hunit n***as, that's my plus one
Run up on these lil' college n***as from thrust funds
Nas get one mike? I don't really want one

(Fredro Starr)
Back at 'em, back at 'em, we strap at 'em
I clock back, I click click click clock at 'em
I snap at 'em, I ride a tele tech at 'em
And back paddle

(Sticky Fingaz)
Yo, lemme get a crack at 'em
Back stab 'em, cut 'em up, hash tag 'em
Walkin' out the bank with blunts and cash draggin'
Garbage truck got my name, I trash bang 'em
Murder game show love

(Fredro Starr)
You betta keep steppin', we keep rubbers to keep thrumpin'
You got three seconds: 3 2 1
We got Kay Slays, three Glocks, tree sweepers
Ace Ks, blowin' up, heat seekers

(Sticky Fingaz)
Betta make way, betta pardon the AK
My game's honest, no more blunts in the A trays
Throw that piece of pine, cut a n***a up eight ways
Last 48, you won't be found for eight days

(Fredro Starr)
We kickin' doors in, closed doors get forced in
This a caution, pay up, extortion!
Or get tossed in, winners get bossed in
Or get tossed out the plank, or in a cross win

(Sticky Fingaz)
Sticky Fingaz, doublecross a n***a
Gun in yo hand, don't make me force you n***as
Come with the bread, or it's gonna cost you n***as
Take you to the roof, jump! Chris Cross you n***as

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