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DJ Kay Slay - Free Again lyrics

It's goin' down, d-d-down, it's goin' down
It's goin' down, d-d-down, it's goin' down
I move rhymes like retail, make sure sh** sell
From where we at to my man's cell
I move rhymes like retail, make sure sh** sell
From where we at to my man's cell

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
Straight outta cell 12 a hell fell on my lap
A n***a was born to rap 'bout drug tales and all the rats
This is for Chef Jr., now that's Italiana
Chicken Parmesan and bocce with my paesanas
I told my [?] I'll die with my honor paesana
Six bad b**hes, some marijuana, with [?]
If you could see the pictures and the scriptures that these b**hes sent me
Hopped in the Ghost, my wiz jumped in the sister Bentley
When Suge had the Row, Jay start the Roc
I was in the [?] f** the cops
With the k**er cross, had Iverson on the block
Graced the cover of The Source, tell me that ain't hot
Went in for RICO, kilos, wish they gave me the max
f** them C.O.'s, and C. Ho's for hatin' on crack
Four months on the toilet sh**, I can do that
Came with thirty, left with three, now how the f** he do that?
Most these n***as in the Fed shoulda been in the State
[?] the Texas to Brazil, now we raisin' the stakes
I seen Gordouli, know that n***a big like Chapo
Shout out to you know who, let me f** in the chapel
[?], first thing in the mornin'
Tried to send me to the shoe for the first pair of Jordans
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I had a thing for the secretary, wa**up Ms. Jordan?
All that a** in them pants had you feelin' important
Left with J's on my feet, J's, J's on my feet
Straight out the cage, sun raised on the beach
And I ain't got to lie, my son raised on the beach
Crib with the elevator, Gabe on the piece

[Hook: Raekwon]

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
Gun tote, move dope, n***as know my repertoire
Bulletproof smart car, level six AR
Cocktail, Molotov, burn heat, turn heat
Revolve, cock, bang, revolve, it's off
Cocaine, medating, codeine better lean
The f** out my way, drive the bricks down the highway
Its an anthem when I rant, f** you think I am, Kanye?
I had them wearing vests, now these n***as wear dresses
I take you back to the essence, free of charge a n***a so large, these n***as is stressin', I bless 'em
The pounds the purple with profits precise
With precision, we'll move you up the pillar, you get that right
Money motivation, this bread in the basket
Go ahead, say something 'bout it while you gettin' your a** kicked
n***as back on the New York bullsh**
My little man post up in the bank with a full clip, he let it off

[Hook: Raekwon]

[Outro: Barbra Streisand]
Free again
Back to bein' free again
Back to bein' me again
With all my precious freedom
My precious, precious freedom

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