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DJ Ak**es - This Is It lyrics

[Scratch hook: DJ Ak**es]
Planet Asia: This is it!
The most original, amazing
Fat Joe: It's the illest
Fat Joe: The undisputed
Giving y'all a chance to feel something real
Planet Asia: This is it!
The most original, amazing
Fat Joe: It's the illest
Rakim: Microphone phenomenal
Prodigy: holding it down
Rakim: trust me son

[Verse 1: Professor P]
The coldest raps and coldest scratch, you know it's that time
No holding back, vocals pack nines
Think you can hang? Bring it on, like the Joey Crack line
Pro and Ak shine like a Zodiak sign
Spot runners, through cold winters and hot summers
The live act's hard like hi-hats from rock drummers
Block fronters cannot son us, we're top gunners
Can't stop, won't stop, what you got you got from us
Really though, we don't much to steal the show
Give me a paper and I'm Naughty by Nature
Come feel me flow
Shine like the sun, now top that
Rhyme like I'm Pun when I cock back my mind like a gun
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Call me Questlove from how I spend time on the drum
We got scratch and hot raps combined into one
I got no Achilles' heal, I got Ak**es on the wheels of steel
Now tell them how you really feel!

[Scratch hook: DJ Ak**es]

[Verse 2: Professor P]
Ayo, I guess the underrated are never the one to say it
But whatever, heads get severed
I'm never the one to play with
I put words together, clever, may never come your favorite
In my head I feel I'm better than everyone that made it
Cause I run the stage, I've done that since I was underage
Words fly from a page like birds fly from a cage
Your rap sh** is plastic like stunner shades
Mines is cla**ic, like the Funky Drummer break
I'm mind blowing and a rhyme omen
When I'm zoning, I'm so ahead of y'all I call it time zoning
Huh, this is my time-to-shine moment
And this rhyme shine like a diamond shine, don't it?
I've been dope since Fubu and Southpole jeans
My pops once told me: "be about yo' dreams"
So I rock rock on hot songs, official sh**
Pro and Ak dot com, drop bombs, missile sh**, this is it!

[Scratch hook: DJ Ak**es]

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