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DJ Ak**es - Thinking of You lyrics

[Verse 1: Professor P]
What makes us stay though we're free to go?
Tell me everything I need to know
Tears might be the water needed for a seed to grow
Lately I've seen the pain in your smile
It hasn't been the same in a while
You're thinking you ain't good enough, it's not true
I don't need anything because I got you, let's stop to
Think about the love we share
Huh, there goes another month, another year
Drifting away, and as blue skies are shifting to grey
Wish we could stay in a bed-lying position all day, no doubt
But we're grown now, well, at least we're older
And the streets are colder, that's why I need to hold ya
Girl, we both know there's no perfect plans
It's all circumstance, you and I are worth the chance
Can't wait for stars to fall in line
Let me call you mine, I think about you all the time...

[Hook: Professor P]
No matter where I'm at, where I go, you are trapped in my soul
All the time I be thinking of you
I'll soon be, back on the road, traveling half of the globe
But all the time I be thinking of you
Thinking of you, thinking of, thinking of you
Thinking of you, thinking of, thinking of you
Thinking of you, thinking of, thinking of you
Thinking of (sample: you, you)

[Verse 2: Masta Ace]
The other day I was home doing much of nothing
This song came on and let's just say that it touched a button
The tears welled in my eyes but I held it inside
Emotions won over pride and I fell and I cried
See that song got me transported back into time
Great memories was all that I happened to find
Thoughts of walking in the park, you pushing my carriage
Everybody in the family was pushing for marriage
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Looking back at the pages of this photo album
You did it all by yourself like a solo album
With no features, life lessons with no teachers
It's a cold cold world like when the snow reach us
I just know that in my heart wherever you are
And wherever I go, that you'll never be far
I just poor some liquor out like I'm drinking for two
I just want you to know, I was thinking of you...


[Verse 3: Professor P]
I used to dwell 'round L-Town
Well, now that's yesterday's news
A special place I left on the quest to make moves
Let's just say, I always did my best to pay dues
And that's something that my resume proves
Let's set the record straight
I've done my fair share of home town verses
Some of which I wrote down with no sound purpose
I was just tryna scribble flows down perfect
To become king, I know now the gold crown's worthless
Peace to M.H and Tim
Lil' Nils was the man I used to skate with him
Fall off and scrape my skin
In some way it's like life when that plays again
Cause some land and some fall – the line is paper thin
We went through stages then, 15, that age is grim
It's a struggle just to cover up the rage within
Linus once told me never to forsake a friend
I show my crew love through these pages, and...


[Scratch outro: DJ Ak**es]
Phife: Straight from the heart
Guru: That's where it comes from, that's why you're feeling it


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