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DJ Ak**es - Mind Over Matter lyrics

[Verse 1: Professor P]
Check it, they connected back in second grade
Used to do their homework while A Tribe's first record played
Ten years later, they're only one step away
From Westwood, Bobbito & Stretch, King Tech and Sway
At nineteen is when their first big check was made
Spent it on a Lexus and an Escalade
With one single out, you can't depend on your resumé
Let's just say, they should have invested, friends from yesterday
Got replaced, by fake friends who all got the taste
For digging out pockets after profits, lock the safe
When you think you're on top it's often not the case
That's a truth we all got to face
Days in the sun, has ways to become nights in the cold
When you're dealing with the ice and the gold
Their second single flopped and they got dropped
Though they had the block locked but fell from the top spot
Blinded by fame they left their crew behind
Now they don't pick up when they call, what do you find
When you remove the power, the j**els and the honeys?
It's mind over matter, crew over money...
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[Scratch hook: DJ Ak**es]
Rakaa: It's mind over matter, crew over money... etc

[Verse 2: Professor P]
Check it, we're all connected when the record play
They said: play your cards right - I gave the whole deck away
Playing no games, you gotta choose a rout
Can't stay in both lanes, can't say I won't change
But what I say behind your back I will say in close range
That's the way it goes, ya'll know how the saying goes - strange
Things can happen from rapping, no doubt
Sometimes I don't wanna talk, just zone out
And ask my peeps if I can call them back, but forget to do it
I block everything out, except the music
But when I'm down I expect them to get me through it
This for my family and everyone connected to it
Just tryna maintain I left my crew behind
Still they picked up when I called and that blew my mind
They knew in time they would get a call from me
Because it's mind over matter, crew over money...

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