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DJ Abdel - Let's boogie lyrics

Ooh yeah yeah baby
It's time a disco down now yeah
No no let's get it down
'Til the break of dawn, baby hey yeah
Yeah yeah, let it groove it

Let's boogie
Let's dance
Two funky cops and we get him now

Let's boogie
Let's dance
We were on the floor, we don't mess around

[Verse 1: D-Train]
If I crime, every day
Trying to put the bad guys away
We're on the streets is that we'll do best
Do they need how we lock 'em up or how we disco dance

[Verse 2: J.Prister]
Born on the disco we can dance the night away (night away)
But don't worry we catch crooks everyday (everyday)
Crime loose out there, you'd better be aware
I'd lock you up for life if you touch my hair
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[Verse 3: D-Train]
Everybody was calm, fool fighting, the night was young
My star is fighting, I don't need a gun (need a gun)
But at night when the DJ plays the groove
That's we needed and it's really move

[Verse 4: J-Prister]
My people music it's timing my ear
Became a cop cause I really care
But the night it's time to feel the beat
That's were it really start to move our feet


Hey guys, be aware
We will coming after you
You know that you're through
But in the night, now we dance
DJ play that groove again
Now there's time
Get down (get down), get down (get down), get down (get down)
Get down tonight

[Chorus x3]

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