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DIY - Work (ft. Above Average and Strongarm) lyrics

[Verse 1: Louis Strongarm]
When the gates flood open n let ya in
Start paddlin its where we all begin
An upstream battle n thats not the end swim
Try not to lose sight of your friends
Then lose sight of yourself instead
A new sight a selfish man
Thrown in a cage to fight so its you or him
Me i came out swinging thats what got me here
You get what you pay for get what you strain for
Only twenty seven its already gettin too painful to
Keep my guard up im findin it hard ta
Keep my eyes on the prize while my heart pumps
I didn't get a head start me i got a hood start
Me i had ta worked hard to get to the good part
Now that ive made t id say that its worth it
If youre tryna get paid then its best ta get workin

[Verse 2: Above Average]
We went from art shows and open mics
To rockin the regency on that cold december night
It felt right
At the time I was feelin like a million bucks
But still a million ain't close to close enough
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Nah, I wanna be on that Jay-Z status
Run this town? Nah I run the world hate me bastards
Oh you mad? Cuz I stack mad greenbacks
And your favorite rapper's rhyme scheme makes me laugh?

It's like they write their bars, like they're writin' paragraphs
Makin me tear out my hair can't bare to hear another track
You gotta put in effort if you want the merit badge
Imma fly past these wack acts like acrobats

That's after the fact of us puttin more work in
5 years, and 4 albums later, you gone be hurtin'
Wishin and wonderin bout why you never booked us
Cuz DIY is makin it big, and you ain't hooked up

You're shook up. And all your haters still don't understand
How that goofy as kid from Piner High is now the man
See, I had a plan. Just write as much as I can
Met up with smooth and louis now we tourin Japan

We maneuvering our fans overseas in demand
Cool breeze through my hand, Cuties in the van
sh**, but all of that is in the future
You gotta put in work if you don't wanna be a loser WORK!

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