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DIY - West Coastin (ft. Above Average and Strongarm) {prod. Amplive} lyrics

[Hook: Above Average]
From Santa Rosa to Oakland
DIY is here to stay focused
Lacing the track with some raps to stay golden
They already know we west coastin'

[Verse 1: Above Average]
I'm never gonna be something I'm not
I rap how I talk
You'll never see me packin a Glock
Or packin a bowl while posted on the block
Claimin that I smoke weed so I can be hip-hop
That ain't me, that ain't what I've been about
I'd rather kick it with the homies get some in n out
A double-double, like barney rubble, we trouble
Have a couple of chuckles bump knuckles and then I scuttle
Back to the west coast,where weather is fresco
Invest your next couple checks baby let's go
To the place that they call the yay area
Takin the ferry around the bay, where I'll marry ya
Yeah, they're famous for the golden gate bridge
Great flix and of course all the gorgeous bay chicks
I'm not tryna be brash or keep boastin
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But man the best of the best is west coastin


[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
Today was a good day sunlight shining
Full moon bright starlight blinding
Mother earth providing
A beautiful backdrop for some late night writing
End of october halloweens arriving
Costumes n masks the only scary sightings
Superstorm sandy got the east coast frightning
Say a quick prayer all this reminding me
Of just how good we got it out here
Last out bottom of the tenth shout cheer
Another giant year
Ill fit in what i can but the ends quite near
Not that mayan calendar doomsday prophecy
No slab of stone will be stopping the
Whole west coast i got too much left to say
Three cheers heres to the bay!


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