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DIY - So Good (ft. DIY) {prod. Ryan Tedder} lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
What's with these kids copin' oxycotton and moly
I prolly should molly wop these
Snotty obnoxious off teens
But that is not me I'd rather go drink some hot tea
These rotten ominous thoughts
Are makin' them snort and pop p's
They get depressed so they drop e
Actin naughty at parties gettin' hella sloppy
Its fun and games til you fall on oddy knocky
Gettin' knocked out cold like opponents of Rocky
So get your head out of the gutter
Start lovin' life just like Paula Dean loves butter

[Hook: Louis Strongarm]
You say the gra** is green on the other side
You'll never be as lean the other guys
You get home from work have another cry
Say your life s**s and wonder why
Because you're takin' it for granted
Think you're only one on the planet
If you could go then fa sho would
But I bet that you never had it so good

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[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
Youre living in poverty in the usa
Youre on top of the world ought not to be but its true today
They said we'll show you some love just sign at the bottom
You shoulda told em no thanks i already got some
Im not saying noones ever been f**ed by the system
But the ratio of american to non american victims
Approaches zero and if your no mathmatician
It means you won't see most of them no matter how good your vision
How many never even heard of i tunes
I appreciate the relative silver color of my spoon

[Verse 3: B-Smooth]
My gra** is golden brown and it never goes thirsty
I've lived within the blocks that had the cracks in the concrete
I owned only the pair of Payless kicks on my feet
We lived twelve deep with only small portions to eat
So I am grateful for whatever I'm blessed with
Shout out to my mom for showing me what respect is
Never felt greedy my childhood lifestyle
Taught me when times are tough that we can still smile
If i could turn back the hands and do it all over again
I wouldn't change a damn thing cause it made me who i am


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