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DIY - Mind Your Manners lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
It's sad that people no longer have any manners
Tired of the salty looks. Not a fan of planters
Amateurs tryna race in this rap tour de france breh
But see I'm lance armstrong, minus the cancer
Try to answer to fans first
But I gotta do it for me in every damn verse
You must grab the buck by the antlers
Hittin every track out the park like grand slammers
Never do it for the glitz and the glamour
Makin a couple grand ain't spammed up in my planner
The life span of man is bananers
Never known when you're gonna go so mind your manners

[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
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I think the same about manners as i do about grammer
Man they dont mean sh** to me
N thats a double negative but i dont mean it litterally
Youre just hearing i need you to start listening
Since we were real small we were taught a little differently
My father didn't teach me much about chivalry
The imagery i seen since infancy
It was all about gratifying instantly
Patience a virtue i had to work to
Obtain learned to obstain from the lack of a curfew
N persue my dreams for me
Not for girls that smell of pretty perfumes
A rude dude never hadda learn to fake it
Look ma i made it went from vacant to taken
Realness stopped my heart from achin
And its that same realness thatll bring home the bacon

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