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DIY - Millionaires (ft. DIY) {prod. POS Productions} lyrics

[Above Average]
Gettin sick of bein the rappers you don't take seriously
That's why on most of these tracks I'm rappin furiously
It seems you're curious on what it means to be a MC
Deliriously followin' this sh**ty pyramid scheme
(of what) Of music. Artists start to abuse it
Start with quality sh** and then it dwindles down to useless
Bein' awarded with praise completely fruitless
When you're sellin' out to labels gotcha lookin' like a doofus
Ooo sh** (ooh sh**)

[Louis Strongarm]
Ooh sh** he just called you stupid
Maybe you could write a diss? maybe theyll produce it?
Of course you'll need your managers permission to do it
Not us were on mission to start a new movement

Your scratched records not overly played stick to your minimum wage
Are you as dumb as they say heard one song n got off your page

[Above Average]
Copy us well chop your legs won't stop a lot to cop a break

[Louis Strongarm[
Real deal not a fake so other f**ers gotta hate

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I'm not ready please, speak for yourself, cuz you can't handle
Direct criticism I'll shake it off while you settle
Difference between us and you is we on a higher level
You've rappin since the eighties and still haven't got the memo

[Above Average]
Hell no, these fools are stuck to it like it's velcro
Rockin' track suits gold chains, Adidas shelltoes

[Louis Strongarm]
Still watching old tapes of Hulk Hogan dropping elbows

[Above Average]
While you puffin out your chest up your b**h a** can kick pebbles
Listen carefully past the ba** and the treble
I'm goin harder than a sledge hammer, heavy metal

[Louis Strongarm]
Angels devils lead from the ghetto
To a diy new sound ripped from the rubble
Workin on a payoff from this independent hustle
Needa make a milli really just ta justify the struggle maaan
Consider this art officially done
Unaturally man made for the love unh
In the end they gon' be raisin my glove
For now we getting laced up patiently awaiting all the greatness to come
The day that we bust

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