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DIY - Mad World (ft. Above Average) {prod. Above Average and Strongarm} lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
This world is
Making me mad with the life that I have
An average pad. Gonna be a D average grad
(Now that would sad)
On top of all my crap from the past
The lives that've last
Or lost? Yeah, my mind's getting trashed

I think about more than I could ever grab
Yeah I like to laugh but it's a fact that I am sad
But it's just a fad
Just a lad
Thinking of things I never had
A dream forever bad
Stuck with just this clever rap

Gotta start lookin at the positives
Not a kid, who can so simply just get up outta this
A lot of it, is, mental incompetence
My self consciousness haunting this song I writ

Yeah, Won't stop til I accomplish it
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Cuz a lotta rappers these days just don't accomplish sh**
But that ain't me because I'm never gonna call it quits
Just gonna keep spittin wishing listeners would tune it in

[Verse 2: Above Average]
Now what's this rap world come to
When bum dudes complain about what sample you done used
Come through with beats give you something to bump to
Still a trunk full of cds leaving me confused

Like how does lil b get more cheese than me?
I'm just starving kid he's OD'd on obesity
Easy-E would see this freak and ask if he's for realizes
Frequently producing nothing but pollution eagerly

It's like these radio cat aren't even trying
They be lying in private islands wearing diamonds and smiling
See it's because of them our music's declining
But hell if I was makin' millions dawg I wouldn't be crying

So here I am I'm writing with pen in hand
Supplying with no demand, still trying to get a fan
No lying like I was spam, the mayan calendar's plan's like
“Damn, better scram before the planet goes BLAM”

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