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DIY - Love Song (ft. Above Average) {prod. Kevin Edmonds} lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
My love for you is incomparable
Together forever girl thats completely bearable
Yeah, just the thought of losing you is terrible
So I hope you love me even ‘til I reach my burial

You're my little mermaid
You know I'm drinking up my love like it's Kood-aid, ooh wait!
Hope it's not too late for me to ask you on a date
I just wanna conversate with you babe if that's okay

Anyways, you brighten my smile like colgate
You are my soulmate and what we have is SO great
I never ever thought I'd feel this way
But I love you girl and I THINK that it's gettin safe to say

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That every day when I awake I wanna see your face
We can get our own place and we can make our own fate
So I'll convey this without delay
You're my sweetheart girl, you're my babycakes

[Verse 2: Above Average]
Picture us just walking down the street
Sand in our feet
Hand and hand as our lips meet
A quick treat a retreat
From this thing called life this thing called life
I look into your eyes and everything is alright

I am the archeologist, you are the artifact
I part my heart into this, baby these are the facts
If you were to leave I'd have a heart attack
And wear my heart on my sleeve and write some darker raps

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