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DIY - G.R.I.N.D. (ft. Above Average and Strongarm) {prod. 1500 or Nothin} lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
I never officially graduated 8th grade
I know it's sad and pathetic but hey things change
Never plannin' on keepin' that song on replay
Because I've gotten responsible over these days
Had to give myself a little bit Leeway
Still I never gave into peer pressure to be safe
Never opened up a beer to get smear faced
Here let me tell you a little more about PJ
I ain't just another snot nosed white kid
I ain't never been in a fight in my life yet
Never have I been known to get violent
Never did I ever wanna be a fighter pilot
Never smoked weed, never od'd
Never eaten a pizza that was whole wheat
Never properly was I taught how to sweep
I was never trained how to make a rockin' beat
Not once have I thought of jumpin' off a plane
Bungee jumpin' all the same. Rather play a different game
Never driven sixty in a stick shift switchin' lanes
Never called a girl a truly undeserving name
Never broken a bone, or hurt vertebra
Never ran from home, or had major surgery
Never gonna givin' up on this music thing
At least not until the whole world has heard of me

[Hook: Above Average]
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There's a lot of things I haven't done in this lifetime
Like signed to a label or danced under the night sky
I know one day we'll famous before I die
I try but until then, I'll be on my GRIND

[2nd verse: Louis Strongarm]
I never been known to read the bible
Never went to church never thought i ever might go
Although i also never shot up
The streets with a rifle never went psycho
Didn't graduate highschool
Never cared to ask anyone hey am i cool
Never slam dunked like Michael
But never hit a baseball worse than he would've liked to
I never done d**
Never cracked when push came to shove
Never fought back when slapped with a glove
Never turned a blind eye to love
Im never too tight to get on a song
Ill never be right if bein strong is wrong
Its never too loud plug it in turn on
Crank it up for the crowd then sing along like
I know this ain't too hard but i know that this is right
Id never hit somebody out of anger in my life
I never shot for the stars but if you'll let me go all night
I won't stop this music sh** till the day that i die


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