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DIY - Dat New New (ft. Above Average and Strongarm) {prod. Dot da Genius} lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
See I ain't good lookin
But my rhymes are fly
I can get sh** cookin' in the blink of an eye
I'll surprise you guys
With this dope a** flow
If you listen to Cudi
Than you already know
It's that new new
I'm bringin it right into your ear drums
Here comes the part where you need to listen clear son
Let all your fears run wild and I'll heal them
Smile when I hear all the violence is near done
But it never is. Blame it on the government
Too busy chasing their cheddar to focus on betterments
Why is Arizona always hatin' on the mexicans?
Might as well let em in. Can we all just be friends?
I guess not that's just the way to world works
Hella crooked kinda like the way your girl twerks
So I decide to provide with a newer new
Get a clue foo. Who is really stayin true to you

[Hook: Above Average]
You may think it's over but No!
There's always time to
Stop sh**
Brain wash the mind of
You, may think it's over but No!
There's always time to
Stop sh**
Brain wash the minds of new youth

[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
I figure its okay today to say gay
Like n***a was back in the slave days
Wrecking lives today in the same ways
Plays on their minds thinkin' am i really as bad as they say?
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Hey, don't let it get to ya
Pray, and it can only get better
That's the only advice they have to give to ya
But you won't be free from the guilt built from it ever
Clever minds devise ways to keep your wrists tied
While lies to the kids blind bind and misguide
But whose got two thumbs n won't fall for it this guy
Using flags and the word fag to draw in lines
On maps to separate the people
All cause there's not enough to go around once were equal
World hear me i ain't diggin' on that
I hope seven billion plus like to listen to rap


[Bridge: Above Average]
See it's time for a change
Whether you know it or not
I'mma switch up the game
With seconds still on the clock
I'mma rap til I drop
You know until I collapse
I'm stayin busy puttin Santa Rosa
Back on the map

[Verse 3: Louis Strongarm]
The time for change is now and I'mma tell you why
Cause this sh** i writ is filled with more than rhymes
Content filled with truth i try to tell no lies
Were diy baby we ain't like these other guys
B-smooth you know he does it for the ladies
Maybe not but the melodies he writes always amaze me
Above average always comes clean with delivery
Hip hop till he drops and theres no forgettin me
I always come bearing a message
What youre hearing is 80 years of life lessons packed into 27
Heaven sent blessing sent here to test them
Those who rap about nothing or less than


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