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DIY - 30 Mintues to New Orleans (ft. Strongarm and Be Smooth) {prod. Needlz} lyrics

[Intro: Louis Strongarm]
They call me strong arm n this a stick up
So stick em up down up down up down up down
Now keep it up while i hold it down
We gon rock this sh** like we sold it out

[Verse 1: Louis Strongarm]
Deeper than Ocean punchier than Weezy
Coast on the sea breeze flow so easy
You know my steezy mac less cheesy
Krafty enough she fo' sho' won't leave me
Shell squeeze me relieve me caress and please me
Allergic to the trees i erupt like sneezy
In love with the snow white c's on this beezy
I drop to my knees hear the wedding bells ringing
Seize the moment like you own it goes to show
Its not the size of the dog but the size of the dogs bone
And cajones that separates him from the pack
I'm a lone wolf hold back on his own track
Sticks and stones break bones not poems
Don't throw em if you got a gla** house
And if you got a gla** mouth watch the words that ya spit around town
Might come back and knock your a** out
I was always last in cla** to lash out
A sleeper most the time i was pa**ed out
Wanted the fast route scout ahead smashed out early
Without a doubt quick to the grind like my girly

[Hook: Louis Strongarm]
Sweatin' for days
Do what i can to get that paper
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Hip hop capers
That is the way
I live my days cause i am a player
And i ain't afraid ta
Hop in the way
Of a stray headed straight for my lady
That's all I'm made of
Back in the day
I wouldn't say that i was a major
Now I'm a slayer

[Verse 2: B-Smooth]

You're style without the talent I'm talent with the style
You fit the profile of being in denile
I have that smile of a joker permanent like a scar
Heart of one of the poor who's determined to make it far
I'm a misfit an extra in your motion picture
Two pockets with the same amount don't make one of us richer
I'm in deep (deep) you're still shallow on my feet
I'm a small fish in the sea but i get noticed on the street
I'm fifty on top of fifty never wasting a beat
I'm awake while you're asleep the monster under your sheets
And i roar like a beast in these layers of a sheet
You may see me as a geek or someone strange just like a creep
I'll fight until it's over I'm talking Rocky Balboa
I keep under the radar like a drug lord pushing yola
I'm all Niner meaning raw like the color and its golden
I might be left in the background but one day I'm gonna show them


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