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DIY - My Right (feat. Era) lyrics

[Hook: Era}
This ain't no money on my mind
But watch me take it every time
Glamour stars in the spotlight
Give it away cause i know its my right

[Verse 1: Above Average]
And they won't take that right away from me
Safely usin it to rap on beats that Era gave to thee
The 3 hip-hop amigos. Ego's
Bigger than a breakfast burrito
We flow like tapatio on chorizo
Except with more heat it's kind of our stelo
Like Riff Raff on the video for neato
3 loco's showed folks how to perceive jokes
Doin' it for the music however you choose to view it
You might even think that it's stupid or that I'm just a nuisance
Now the truth is comin out, kinda rufless
But the crowd start lose it when I wow em with my new ish
With Era music on the track, to produce it
DIY is comin through with sick raps hella fluid
Most of these rappers tryna act hella stupid
So it's up to me and you to act like intelligent students
All day long
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[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
What i got you gotta get it put it in ya
What i got you gotta get it put it in you
He with the most toys is not the winnna
Its about what you did do what you contribute
When youre gone thats all thats left of who you are
N i wanna be remembered as a rock star
Screamin freedom at last from the back of a cop car
Dreams so vast alarm blasts can't stop ours
You could try n stop us if you wanna
But it would be harda than finding a picture of madonna
In a sauna in botswana petting an iguana puffin on marijuana
While a tijuana piranha
Snacks on that prima donnas right hand
Judge me not on the price of this mic stand
My number one motivation is my fam and my fans
The real reason i do what i can
To make songs


[Verse 3: B-Smooth]

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