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DIY - My Eyes (feat. Louis Strongarm) lyrics

[Verse 1: B-Smooth]

[Hook: Louis Strongarm]
So go ahead take a look through my eyes
What i told you was true no lies
And you might see it different in you're mind
So you do you and ill handle mine

[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
Never sipped a beer in my life still fear n fright
N the feeling somethin just ain't right
Stick in my mind like a drake song i dont even like
Paranoia got me trippin tonight
b**h look in my eyes real deal like a deer in the headlights
Waitin for impact except instead im
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Gonna be the one who shows who the fittest is
Imma k** em all too leave no witnesses
Images flash in my head where im dead at the
Hands of a man who is said to have planned it
f** that guard up im leavin you scarred up
Ready to defend and harder than granite
Granted im a nice guy enemies no sir
But still the urge to look over my shoulder
Prevails as i fail to relax always watchin my own back
Ready for attack its like i told ya


[Verse 3: B-Smooth]


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