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DIY - Jealous (feat. Above Average) lyrics

[Verse 1: Above Average]
First, lemme just tell you what this verse means
Before I go berserk homie and start cursing
See, This is the type of ish that urks me
The same things, it seems, that make us earthlings
Like, never feelin' good enough
Sometimes I think the only option now is givin' up
...But, with any luck
Maybe I'll open up and start givin' out my trust
But I can't help but feel down
When all my self esteem, is buried under the ground
See when I'm with her I think that I'm lookin' like a clown
How am I supposed to compete with all these guys around?
Damn, I wonder if she even thinks about it
Like in my head, I keep on, screamin' and shoutin'
Or maybe I'm just trippin', and my head is just clouded
From all the negativity that is in my surroundin's
And my jealously doesn't stop there
I feel it buildin' up whenever I go anywhere
Why're they lookin' at me funny? Do they have to stare?
I get mad because I feel like I shouldn't even care
But it's too late, now what the hell am I to do
When there's clearly a problem that needs solvin' in front of you
Just wish that someone would take a walk in my shoes
Because right now I'm feelin' like I invented the blues...

[Hook: Louis Strongarm]
Keep my head up
Never let up
And things will get better

[Verse 2: Above Average]
Hold up, bring it down a bit
Just because your down and out doesnt mean its time to quit
Man you gotta start growin up and stop throwin these fits
If you wanna get anywhere and keep makin them hits
I know jealously's hard to cope with
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I caught you talkin to yourself when you wrote this
Like is this good enough? I really hope they don't diss
But you gotta over come it when you are an artist
I mean the jealously thing, what jealously brings
It's hell when you got no self esteem
We dwell on our dreams
It seems that in time in between
Of havin nothin and havin somethin can be enternitys
Let me slow down the speed
So put down the gun, pills, liquor, and the weed
Instead of tellin yourself your just a bad seed
It's time to help out your health with what you really need


[Verse 3: Louis Strongarm]
My friends make more money got nice cars and degrees
But i got a fly honey, 20 bars, and this dope beat
A condo only work 20 hours a week
A thousand hours in diablo and i learned how to break a knee
The only other time that i was jealous
Was when they took a pic with keifer sutherland
It was him my 2 sisters and my parents
While i was sleeping, dreaming in another land
It didn't last long though 'cause i had other plans
To to flip it, they should be jealous
They were getting ME food while I was chillin
And im not trying to sound overzealous
Somewhere i learned one can't love somebody else
At least not until one really loves oneself
Its not something you can find in a store on a shelf
I didn't need help alone i could create self wealth
I dont know how i learned it but it's brought me bliss
Its a sweeter sk** than a hershey's kiss
I want to teach you all how to do this
Its easy just sing along with the chorus


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