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DIY - In The Future lyrics

[Intro/Verse 1: Above Average]

[Hook: Above Average]
In the future things will be different
For better or worse things change that's a given
If you want it to be better then you better pitch in
If you're doing nothing at all then quit b**hin'

{Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
Im big ballin shot callin you dont like it get the f** out
Im the owner of the buildin this is my house
'less you feel like brawlin which im down for
About that i got no doubt
I stay in costa rica in the winters
I ride on twenty four inch spinners (they made a comeback)
[Lyrics from: https:/]
On my hybrid h4 rockin lee brock sevens
Smooths shoe line that ain't yet been invented
Drive my daughter to college her names devin
Mom n pops together up in heaven
My sons in 5th grade he's eleven
Straight a's and tonight hell be presenting
A speech that he wrote hes a genius like me n im stoked
A ring on my finger engraved with the vows that we spoke
A couple pins in my knee
This is the future i see for me


[Verse 3: B-Smooth]


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