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DIY - Imma Change the World lyrics

[Hook: B-Smooth, Louis Strongarm, Above Average]
Imma change the world
One person at a time
Starting with myself
I keep a positive mind
Imma change the world
One family at a time
Ill set a positive
Example for mine
Imma change the world
One song at a time
Always a positive
Message in my rhmes
Imma change the world
One day at a time
Spreading positivity
All throughout my life

[Verse 1: B-Smooth]

[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
I decided i was gonna change the world
I taught it to myself when i was only twelve
N eight years later i spread it to my girl
Baby steps on the path to the freshest little curls
Life will test this little girl and i will make sure she pa**es
Gla**es or not shell be blessed with a fast brain
Like dad is her genes guarantee she'll be stuck with the
Genius madness we didn't have this
When we were growin up but i will make sure that she knows that thats
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Average education starts in the home
The pad is the place where foundations carved in stone
If your masonry's right then your kids can hold their own
Tragic would be to not pa** it on
N let it die with us only to live on in song
The positive message i send to mine will be strong and it will
Echoe through generations to come


[Verse 3: Above Average]
See Imma change the world
And Imma do it through my music
They say knowledge is power but you won't see me abuse it
Nah, I'm stayin busy tryna educate my generation
To elevate our state of greatness we must have motivation
But that ain't that something I seein
I wanna believe that these teens can dream past the weekend
Stop thinkin about partyin an drinkin
With this song and this beat Imma teach them reason
It's what really needs to be done
Because these excuses they're using to get drunk
Are just dumb. I'm young, I'm tryna have fun
Probably going to die before they reach 21
She was let into the club with a fake id
She was kissin up on some guy who got the hiv
She was drinkin fifth of vodka till it's half empty
And now she's on the floor waitin for the emts


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