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DIY - Day After Day (feat. Above Average) lyrics

[Hook: Louis Strongarm, Above Average]
Doing what i can not to have to work for the man
Struggling just to maintain a couple fans
DIY's writing the plan
To enlighten people outta the scam
But its kinda hard to escape when thats where it all began

[Verse 1: Above Average]
This is not a profound fable
It's just about a kid who found work at round table
Wantin' to be another underground staple
But, havin' issues signin' to a sound label

Day after day
I'm payed minimum wage
Feels like I'm gettin played
That's why I'm spittin rage
I try to get a taste
Of fame instead of disgrace
In this game I am displaced
As an mc I am great

But I never hate
Cheddar chase the better way
Better say, Guerrilla slay, like Jason or Freddy eh?
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Time to grab your teady cuz they messin with the heavy weights
Any place we ever play a show we pick up plenty babes
Well maybe not but hey, I got my girlfriend anyways
Thick or thin she's with me even if I don't get any plays
Feelin beat but happiness is what I convay
And if that's all you got you better slap a smile on your face


[Verse 2: Louis Strongarm]
Day after day must hustle to play
The first half ta pay just tussle n pain
May have ta slave but mustn't complain
We brave laugh ta save face stressed and afraid
Rushin' it bustlin' rustlin' bustin' musclin'
We struggle n they say we're stuck in a phase
Thas crazy as a play named muggles in space
Since a baby ive way changed ain't nothin the same
You a phi beta kappa? famous rappers hafta ask of me
No, i answer back, in fact rappin comes naturally
On a raft i cast a hook into the caspian
N catch casper it seems i am fast asleep
She laughs at me as i awake n scream master p
I just had a dream i had more cash than that man has seen
Faster than later itll happen i hafta believe
Or I'mma buy a gat so i can blast a cap in me (boom!)

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