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Div - Will You? lyrics

Intro beat:

Verse 1
I have been walking for miles and days
My feet are hurting Im in sores n in pain
Life is a journey; this Ive come to see
Laughter is history in captivity
Will you hold me now?
Will you call me your own?
I dont wanna go anymore
I dont wanna be a lost cause

Chorus 1:
Will you hear me?
Will you save me?
Will you hold me?
In Your arms & let me sing

Verse 2
I have a vision, I have a dream
I have a story, I have a wish
I have a song, I have a Spirit
I have a portion of some... I wanna give

Going through my mind
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Racing through my heart
Ranging from the stars,
Will you hold me when I cry?

Chorus 2:
Will You hear me?
Will You save me?
Will You hold me?
In Your arms & set me free

Im not strong
On my own
Days keep on pa**ing,
My future is drifting
Theres nowhere to turn to now

Chorus Till Fade:

Will You hear me . (Lord will You)
Will You save me . (When I call on You)
Will You hold me (So close)
In Your arms & let me sing

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