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Div - Take One lyrics

Bright lines, shines weve got
Shot from the stars like golden sun
Brooklyn know, Brissy on top
We do our thang and in truth we stand
Holla holla amma spill this the way that I know
Fiddle a lil with my pencil its my pay on the go
Huh! You tink we wankin? Tink we trappin?
Tink all the connexionz we jus bluffin?
This a notion full of devotion
This niggarz so devoted it becomes an illusion
Sometimes I stand back at the edge
View the world passin man Im so blessed.
All the dimes
All the links I link
All the souls I inspire to make em rich
Feel me comin like a rocket
Like a NASA KID from the Mars &
When I flow, the devil goes WoW
Couldnt believe me to pop n roll
And in the end I take my stands and end wit a bow
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You know it when I come back home
Holla! Take One, cameras, Snapshots and Limoz
Some are of Yakuzis but we of Kimotos
Bios Na Logos believe me
We do this (this) to find solutions
Leading characters on the spheres of the galaxy
Analysin the truth operatin it like Anatomy
Head over heels we stand our grounds
Aint no better time to pass than chillin
Da Right x2
Na na Na Nga nga
We wa wa and go Wild
We so fly
On top of that we flow fine
We go high, get high & sometimes we even spill it right
Tryinna reverse the game, how you willing to bet that youll keep the die on a Six
Yo, I dont forget tho where I came from
Flow after flow
Satisfaction for the lost to come home have peace and stay so warm
Them feel again, long after walk man, them say, man this flows Hawt*

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