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Div - Na Na Na...(living Dreams) lyrics

Na na na na.. Rap:1
You can be what you wanna, let em say what they wanna
You live by ethics, they live by marijuana
Youre hearts your best friend and nones gonna change
They bring in attitudes but thats just cuz they hate us.
Living dreams is what puts together, the pieces of life that are lyrically sublimed
Aligned in a perfect sense; full of light, to shine thru the endless voids of the night, common!
The columns of time, my calling awaits
Past the boarders of fantasy, reality portrays,
My vision; as seen thru the eyes of Solomon, as the wings of Michael come and take me home Chorus 2:
na na na na Rap 2:
it takes one not two, not three but you
make a world see the light with no confusion but truth
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Lil man pick your gun, lil gurl spice it up and in tha end we all together gonna style it
We are shaping a nation for all generations
The young, the old, the torn shalt stand up strong
And in the end when my day song my song goes thru
Ill be singing na na na na Chorus 3:
Nanana. Rap 3:
Lil man pick your gun again time for us to rise again
In the eyes of an eagle our vision is to rise again
I pray in tha name of tha Father, with open wings well all fly higher
My mind is set, My destinys a reality, who dares defy my belief?
What I know what I believe what I conceive
This is tha day truth has set me free
Now I see a vision thru the eyes of thousand beings
Looking past time to see what tomorrow brings

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