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Div - I'll Shine It For You lyrics

In the winters and the stormiest skies
In the coldest where theres darkness and strife
Ill shine it for you
You, you
You, you, you o dearie!
You, you
Ill shine it for you
You, you
Ill shine it for you* Ok Ill go
Set things right
Make a Believer
Let em know God
See the light, help them walk right
Help them know the truth of the Man in charge
Power, strategies, move with identity
Together we will shine beyond the galaxies
You got me-man! I got you! We got the universe, we shine light
Lets make it and make it right
Let they hold their positions in their darkest times
Not opposing, not denying, not forgettin
Not once where we goin
Flowing right and Holla some more
Pick up the pieces and give the world a whole new Hope
Un Homme, Un Core, Un Coeur plus fort and on
This my home, this my hood
This dreams my glow I say- tis my song
You right, you fall, you cry, but my light will take you home
Cummon Its like that, like this
My heart be glad with love for Integrity
Do what is pleasing in Heaven to all beings
On Earth, on Mars, Pluto, Venus, Saturn-Jupiter
Let nothing change your stand
Let everything you do spell out right
From the love played on the violin chords
To the Ba** that speaks out your voice
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Let the world see the Light in you*
Let your lips be a fountain for plants to grow
Nations will come to know the truth
Thru you a celebration a heavenly bloom
Some may be trying to get up here
But ladders are scattered better leave a souvenir
Be recalled, be announced, (be a) man of
History and mind so sound
Many be hoping to get up here
Leave traces behind, leave a souvenir (So many times we struggle, we fight-I tell you what...We win!)
I walk that journey again no mans seen
Felt the deepest heat no child can feel
Still I stand
Still I strive
Still I beg for thee to see the light
Still I stand
Still I pray
Still I wait for you to shine wid us
Just believe
You will see
Why I call black pink and red for peace
It was love
It was grace
It was mercy poured out in form of a babe
They were dumb, they thot they knew
But we knew the final answer, we kept our cool
Im 22 am growing to 2
Each day I get younger; my hearts a blaze!
Just believe
Seek the truth
You will know what I meant after days or two
Its truth, love, harmony, peace, comfort, plan, think-straight-forward
Life/Light, line in God we trust, In Jesus Christ we trust
This ma truth CummonDiv*

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