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Div - Expected lyrics

Luke and I, were lit like gold
But you got the same shoes since five years old

We goin all in, getting this cold
But the heat so fire it's standing out bold

Trevor you always dress like old new
Even my dog don't wanna look at you

Give you a minute to think this through
Rhyme so lit it shine bright like a j**

Your voice still sound like a mice
After this diss look us all up on vice

Rhyme gonna be up in your head like lice
Stop your channel man, take my advice

How bout now you think is clever?
You know that unibrow goes on forever

Look at my J's, that premium leather
Thinking of a comeback, well think it better

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Gonna get your little friends to ddos me
Well I'm not scared go ahead will see

Trust me, I'm saying that they will
Cuz that's all they can do to a guy with no chill

Why you always saying I look gay?
The only thing that's gay is your Minecraft lets play

I cannot wait to hear what your gonna say
Maybe that your breakfast lunch and dinner is a buffet

You finally found a girl that likes you
First girl you actually with a chance to screw

Even though whenever a girl looked at you
You already knew that your dick grew

Hold me back I'm going all in
If only you could see my big grin

That's not the only thing I have that is big
Now I bet ya wanna see it you gay little pig

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