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The Norwegian d**h metal band Dismal Euphony was led by Ole K. Helgesen and Kristoffer Austrheim, longtime friends who formed their first band, the Headless Children, in 1992 at the mutual age of 13. With the additions of vocalist Erik Borgen and guitarist Kenneth Bergsagel, a year later the group changed its name to Carnal Tomb; after Borgen was dismissed, Helgesen took over vocal chores, and following the recruitment of second vocalist Linn Achre Tveit and keyboardist Elinbr /br /Overskott, the revamped line-up was rechristened Dismal Euphony. In 1995 they recorded a demo, Spellbound, which created considerable interest throughout the European d**h metal underground; it was subsequently issued commercially as a self-titled EP on the Napalm label. The full-length Soria Moria Slott followed in 1996, and a year later Dismal Euphony returned with Autumn Leaves--The Rebellion of Tides. The success of the two albums brought the group to the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, which released their third album, All Little Devils, in 1999. Lady Ablaze followed a year later; Autumn Leaves and Python Zero were issued in early 2001. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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