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Discordance Axis - Drowned lyrics

Waterlogged skies and orphaned stares
Embrace a world of stripped out color
Catatonic my gaze is frozen
Pruning skin clasped in soldiered prayer
This d**hscape a gargoyle with its own heartbeat
Arteries flow with greying blood
Virga erupts in a morphine downpour
Mildewed eyes stare straight through it
Staring and waiting still
Lungs flooded with ether
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Eyes rolled over black
Are you closer to heaven
Or closer to hell?
Driftwood skin fastened
To bones cast in salt
Fade to black as lips slowly part
Words fail me submerge and drown
There is no current just a stagnancee
These lungs would rather burst than spare me breath
Spit out the air and sink to the bottom

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