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Dirty Danger - Yesterday lyrics

There ain't enough minutes in an hour
There ain't enough hours in a day
There ain't enough days in a week
There ain't enough weeks in a month
There ain't enough months in a year
Yeah, yeah, there ain't enough months in a year
Yeah, yeah
It feels like yesterday, yesterday

[Verse 1: Prince Rapid]
When I bought faces for my Nokia Faceoff
In cla** I seen my boy from Lagos
He said that his dad comes from Barbados and
Yesterday, yesterday, Gilera 125 in the manor
Mr. Loverman, dancing to Shabba
Oh no, Dolce and Gabbana-bbana
Yeah, yeah, was when I broke my virginity
Outdoors, in a crazy facility
So young but I could have had a mini-me (yesterday, yesterday)
Yeah, yeah, I had my first Filas
I recorded Top of the Pops on the TV
Came through Hi-Fi speakers (yesterday, yesterday)
Yeah, yeah, my uncle was grieving
I didn't take time to show my love
Next thing I know, I was grieving (yesterday, yesterday)
When I made "Top Three Selected"
Prince and Justin rapping Ghetts'
Working hard and we still ain't rested, it feels like (yesterday, yesterday)

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
My n***a Titch got lifed up
That's an innocent man right there
They can't see that? Get a guide dog (yesterday, yesterday)
My n***a Lee was alive God
Twenty-five in a pine box
Wish I had more of his tunes on my iPod (yesterday, yesterday)
Me and Shy were together
I thought me and Shy were forever
But now I've got to try to forget her (yesterday, yesterday)
I was fearing a beating
Yeah for parents' evening
Scared cuh my teacher and parents were meeting (yesterday, yesterday)
When I first smoked weed
My n***a [?] nearly made me OD
f**boy never [?] to an OG (yesterday, yesterday)
Me and [?]
Expensive vehicles, no keys
You don't know that, then you don't know me


[Bridge: Prince Rapid]
Yesterday, I put my hands on my head as I looked to the sky
Yesterday, I never realised how much time flew by, yesterday
Ten minutes my feel like five, yesterday
I wish I could stop time, yesterday

[Verse 3: Tinchy Stryder]
It feels like yesterday I was on a path
Hat trick a game, put hours on the gra**
I got sidetracked, led to the darts
Gun fingers, sprayed fire in the bars (let me see the gun fingers)
I was on a low payroll
For the guy Spyro, supporting Kano
Now I'm striking deals on a feature
When I go hard it's uh-oh, see?
They're different from yesterday
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Now my boss like Strydes [?]
Yeah, and they best respect the boy
Cause now mumsy's got no debts to pay
Amen (yesterday, yesterday)
We jumped barriers like "f** your fine"
Traveled up west on the central line
Now I'm BM cruising, white alpine
(Yesterday, yesterday) I was thinking "why's this sh** so hard?"
"Really, can we ever live that large?"
Now I toast to life with A-list stars
(Yesterday, yesterday) I was screaming "I don't wanna ride no more"
Burn out on a riddim, or write no more
Now I'm selling out tours, praise the lord

[Verse 4: Jme]
Man was on the high road for hours
Singing along to "I'll bring you flowers"
Then I'll skate home, swift in my [?]
That was like (yesterday, serious!)
Recording a bedroom set in my yard
The gift of diesel, show man we're hard
Next thing you know man's on [?] yard
That feels like (yesterday, yesterday), trust me
From that same yard man got evicted
Feds got my computer, flippin' pigs
Lucky I got the call from Eski kid
That was like (yesterday, yesterday)
Went Sidewinder, ready for the war
Some idiot bouncers on the door
They say no back then, but I'm sure they would say
(Yesterday, yesterday)
Hit the road in my green A-Cla**
Famous tour, like a rock star
Man travelled the UK with bars
Feels like (yesterday, yesterday)
Seen a million things in my short life
Bredrens gone in a fling of an eye
That's why i wish I could stop time
You get me cause (yesterday, yesterday)

[Verse 5: Dirt Danger]
I made my first banger
I name my songs after girls
And the world fell in love with "Anna"
(Yesterday, yesterday)
I was only 15 years old
I made a beat that was called "Misty Cold"
2000 white labels sold
(Yesterday, yesterday)
I had a good thing going
She had more heart than Owen
I didn't realise till her love stopped showin'
(yesterday, yesterday)
I got love from the teachers
Although I wasn't good at maths
I used to win high jump and 100 metres
(Yesterday, yesterday)
Bow [?] decent
After school link up, bare gash late on
Some from Beckton, Hackney, Leyton
(yesterday, yesterday)
I was known as the black one, David
My confidence was tainted
Now I can't give a f** cause I'm rated



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