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Dirty Bill - Crewsaders lyrics

Yo Dirty, (yeah)
Keys (What up)
Whatta you say we introduce ourselves?


My name is Whyzer
And I'll advise you stop getting wise or
Imma play dexter and pull out my f**in circumsizer
Ain't got a scalpel either I mean, my left incisor
I ain't gay, im just sayin dont f** with me cuz im cray
Don't protest it. Man, I didn't digest it. (Nope)
I don't want no foreskin goin through my colon like an inmate on his first day at Fulton
Get ready I'm cuz boltin
Like Usaine. Who's sayin I'm insane? It's a shame
You can't tame me til I get fame and y'all know my name
I'm winning this rap game, you're lame
I can tell you're talking sh** every time that you're hocking spit
Look, your words dripped inside a slow cooker what a crock of sh**
Cuisinart proctor silex rival bravetti whichever u bought on the tele
Your sh** stew's ready
I'm like a verbal machete
U better hold steady
Here comes freddy u ain't ready
El dente like your spaghetti


If you dont know who the f** this is
You better listen THE f** up or cut of your ears
Heres to the sh** that we've done and what'll premere
We're the saultiside crew and 2012 is our year

(Tony Keys)

Hey, it's tony keyz
Pleased to meet you
Pleased to beat you
Defeat you, EAT YOU

Head to shoulders
Toes and knees
Tony Keys, a phony? Please

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Holy geez believe, I'm a genius
Keys is the one and only, rap jesus
Calm, quick and diligently
k**in the beat, (a beast) legitimzing illegitmicy

Educated, socializer,spitting verses with whyzer
Got so many hoes on me that you'd think im on fire
Think i'm a liar? i'll inspire you to f**in retire
Like you got a flat on your Mitsubishi Aspire

What? You thinkin this is a dream?
I spit a violent stream, now I'm back on this team
Got my Head up high with a full head of steam
Aimin for the top, man im gonna reign supreme

(Dirty Bill)

They call me Dirty Bill
But im not sure why the call me that
Is it cuz I run with my dick out down the cul-de-sac?

Pull the sack to the left
Pull the dick to the right
Play air guitar with my junk
(Yo that riff was tight)

Whats weird to me though
Is that I get called sleezy
While you're munchin more foreskin
Than that whore nicole polizzi

Jesus, its easy to see
We siece these words and act greasy
To please me, it'll take six midgits
A squirrell and a Mr. Freezie

But dont get it twisted, maybe you missed it
Maybe your sister just got fisted
I know you wish it was a statistic
I insist its just sadistic, that this dicks so narsa**istic
The sickest, yet most sofisticated psychopath that ever made it

Hated,cuz when you say potato, i say blow me
Slowly worship it like its holy, moly yo
Be quiet girl while i got your lips playin goalie
And ill end this verse like whyzer now, ravioli what?

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